When I am Insecure


A while ago I posted a video about living in my van.

Some times I feel weird telling people what I do with my life because I feel like they'll look down on me. Like I failed or screwed up and that's how I ended up here. I know it's not true but I can still feel insecure.

It reminds me of a blog I wrote 4 years ago when I was about to graduate from college. I was freaking out about my future and jealous of everyone else's plans in life. This what I wrote:

God makes it happen at different times for different people AND in different ways. You can't cop someone else's spiritual journey. And you can't rush your own.

If you want to read the whole blog post, it's here: http://www.taylorjohnsononline.com/god-makes-it-happen/

If you want to watch my video about living in a van, it's here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cpOutE37yA

I asked everyone who receives my weekly email newsletter if they ever deal with this. Do they find themselves comparing their lives to people around them? Do they get jealous? Does it make them discouraged or feel like giving up? I wanted to know how they dealt with it.

Here's what they said.

This is what Casey said. “I have a hard time thinking of anyone who's 100% secure in where they are right now. Especially if you get them alone and ask them. I've struggled with that, having only ever done restaurants and service industry type things since college. I struggle defining success, what that looks like, and if God and my vision of success align.”

Heather talked about a season where she made decisions based on what people around her were doing. “I wish I would have done better at keeping my eyes on what we really wanted/needed and not what we thought we needed.”

Andrew said “I always have to remind myself that, even though my job is not my favorite thing to do, I am lucky to have it, and it has taken away the huge stress of financial worry.”

It's nice to know I’m not alone on this. And neither are you.

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