Why I'm Scared of No Shave November


I don’t want to shock anyone with my face!

This whole month I really want people to check out my Patreon. With new supporters I’ll be able to create a ton of awesome resources that’ll reach people far more than I can from touring.

Before the month started I knew I wanted to make sure I kept all of my posts and updates about Patreon fun and interesting. I didn’t want to a video every day of me begging “PLEASE GIVE ME MONEY!” Nobody wants that. Everyone would ignore.

How do I keep things interesting this month?

I have a lot of stuff planned but the one I’ve already started is…uh…I’m not going to shave my face all month.

This is terrifying.

I’ve never gone longer than 4 days without shaving. I have no idea what I’ll look like with facial hair. It can’t be good. It’s going to be weird and bad.

Last summer I did a video about my fear of having a beard. I asked my friends to picture me with a beard and ALL OF THEM IMMEDIATELY LAUGHED AT ME.

I’m doing this because I believe in my Patreon. Now whenever I post about it, people will check it out even if it’s just to look at my weird face.

Watch the video from last summer: