Youth Evangelism Training

In my Patreon Goal video about building an in home studio I describe the frustrating process of trying to film anything in my current situation.

Earlier this year there was one particular project that made me want to rip my hair out and eat it in anger. It was an evangelism training video Mission 58 Camp asked me to make for all the youth groups coming to camp this last summer.

I like a lot of the content in the video. The idea was that youth ministries could show this in service or during small groups. There are discussion questions at the end of each segment to help them think about what that lessons looks like in their own life.

There was a ton of really great feedback. The youth pastors were very complimentary but the students just wanted to talk about the hot sauce part.

But it was so hard just to find a good place to film. Everywhere I tried either had bad lighting, bad sound, or there was never a good time I could film there without disturbing other people.

I wish it looked more professional. That’s why I have the studio as one of my goals. I’d love to make more stuff like this. With the studio I could put stuff out quicker, easier, and it would look a lot better.

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