Laughter can bring down our walls.

Allow me to partner with you, using a three-night comedy event that will involve your church family while also effectively reaching your community.

It’s a totally unique outreach event with very little preparation on your end.

Preferably this event will take place on a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night. But we could also easily adapt it for a Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night.


Night 1

PREACHING. Leading up to this big free fun comedy show for the community, I’d love to preach to your church, introduce myself, and share my heart for confession and why it’s so important to me. I want them to trust me with their friends and family. I think we all know someone dealing with a heavy moment in their life who not only could use a night to laugh but also a chance to know that our God and our church is there for them.


Night 2

TRAINING. Since we’re promoting a culture of confession I want to spend some time with leaders and church members to encourage them on how to be there for those who might open up for the first time. It can be a little scary being the one someone decides to confide in. I can offer some training, answer questions, and then end with a time of prayer for the outreach.


Night 3

COMEDY SHOW. We pack the church with everyone we know and spend an hour laughing at my embarrassing stories. The show is 45-50 minutes of comedy and 15-20 minutes for the gospel and the chance for people to respond.


Even if you're not looking to go in this direction for what you're planning, I'd still love to perform for your event.