3 sessions: This can be over 3 nights (Wednesday-Friday), all in one day (Sunday morning, afternoon, and night), or a combination that best fits your church schedule.

Everything is leading up to a big fun free comedy show that’ll end with the gospel and a special emphasis on confession.

The 3 sessions are designed to help the church see the need, get excited about inviting the community, and equipping leaders to handle the response.


Session 1: PREACHING. Taylor comes as a guest speaker in your regularly scheduled service. He’ll introduce himself, share his heart, explain his approach to outreach, and show in scripture why it’s so important.

Session 2: TRAINING. Since we’re ending the outreach with an emphasis on confession Taylor can offer some very simple training on how we handle those vulnerable moments when someone feels like they need to open up to you. What do you say? What do you not say? It can be scary! This session is designed to ease those worries and show that anyone in the church can bear another’s burdens. It’s perfect for leaders, volunteers, and small group leaders but should be open to the whole church.

Session 3: COMEDY SHOW. We’re excited, we’re equipped, and now we just get to laugh. The show will end with the gospel and we’ll allow for a time of response where leaders can pray with, or just listen to, anyone who wants to open up about what’s going on in their life.