Taylor Johnson is partnering with Ministry Pass to bring you this free sermon series bundle.

“Tell a Good Story" is a 3-week sermon series that will remind teenagers and adults about the power of a good story. Throughout the series, this bundle examines three moments in the Bible where telling a story made a major impact on the world. When we follow the examples given to us in God’s Word, we’ll find that our gospel-centered stories can lead others to meet Jesus, remind us of our heavenly Father’s faithfulness, and give us courage to live out a life of faith.

It's perfect for adult and youth services.

INCLUDESSermon Guides, Talking Points, Sermon Illustrations, Small Group Questions, Graphics, and Promo Videos


Taylor Johnson wrote the series on the same theme he explores in his stand-up. His shows consist of hilarious true stories from his own life before concluding with a testimony of how someone else’s story saved his life.

If you're planning on taking your church through TELL A GOOD STORY, Taylor would love to perform as a way to introduce the series.