How to Lead a Culture of Confession

VIDEO #2 | What We Joke About

Victims aren't punchlines

This isn't about having a hard set of rules. It's not about getting rid of jokes all together. That would be terrible.

The truth is, a lot of the time we won't realize what's "too far" until we actually say it. And that's totally ok as long as we are willing to apologize and admit we were wrong. Being a leader doesn't mean never making mistakes. That's impossible. But a great leader is willing to make things right. That can make a huge difference in your community.


What does humor look like in your community?

Do you have anyone you're close enough to who you can ask to hold you accountable and point out when a joke might have gone too far?


Dr. Garland Owensby wrote an article on how we should use comedy in our preaching. Read "Make Pulpit Comedy a Tool, Not a Weapon."