You Can't Buy Your Way Out of Anxiety


I just read Rebecca Jennings’ article on VOX, Fidget Spinners, Weighted Blankets, and the Rise of Anxiety Consumerism.

There a lot of popular products out now that want to be the answer to your anxiety.

But they can’t.

FDA guidelines strongly recommends these companies never claim their products can be used to treat anxiety because there’s not really any scientific proof that they do. Instead they get away with just saying their products “can be used for anxiety.”

They might help relieve some of the stress and frustration but they’re not cures. The effect is addressed but never the cause.

And these products are HUGE. Most of them started on Kickstarter and raised millions of dollars because people are desperate for something to help them with anxiety.

From the article:


“We’re not understanding how to deal with [mental health]. Instead, we’re throwing products at it. It’s very American.”


We’re dealing with the fruit and not the tree (I was going to say root but I didn’t want to rhyme). We’re pulling all the apples off the apple tree and hoping oranges start growing.

Why do we do this? Because it’s easier. Because to really change things we need to attack the roots and commit the hard work of removing the entire tree and planting a new one. It’s scary, it’s difficult, and it’s incredibly uncomfortable.

It could involve going to a counselor or digging in to your past or being truly honest about how you view yourself.

It could be a really painful process. But it’s worth it.

From the article:


“It makes sense that our immediate impulse is to buy stuff that promises to deal with [our anxiety] so that we don’t have to.”


It’s hard work. In Recovering Redemption they called it “spiritual surgery.” But it’s the type of surgery where you’re awake the whole time.

Oh man, how great would that be, though? God knocks you out, you wake up a few hours later, and He says “Ok. I took your anger issues away.” Sweet.

I can’t buy my way to freedom. I have to be willing to do the work.

Oh Jesus please remind my heart daily that the work is worth it and that you’re the one guiding me through every step.